Friday, January 25, 2013

Be quiet...

I grew up in a house full of kids.  There were six of us ... it was a noisy house and I was as noisy as the rest of them.  Sometimes the noise and confusion was so bad you just wanted to yell "SHUT UP!". I only did that once and by the time my mother was done with me I never did it again.  Don't get me wrong...she did not hit me...but the lecture I got was enough to keep me from ever doing that again... " What right do you have for trying to control what another person says or does?" she asked me. "just because I wanted something didn't mean the other people in the room did"  She stated.  "If you wanted quiet, I could go to your room and be alone where it is quiet..."  Granted my room was share by three other sisters so you were never alone and it was rarely quiet ... I'll never know why she was so passionate about the subject, but she was...  As a result, I never liked the words "shut up" either.   When I hear someone say them...the hair on my neck stands up....

For the last few days, no matter what I say it is not being heard... it is just noise today.

I need to be quiet.

And if I could, I would yell " SHUT UP!"

Now if I could just silence the thoughts in my head too...maybe I could have some peace....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 that did not work real well...

Well it did but it didn't...I got so backed up with my Christmas todo list and all that I posted one time...about a month ago.  So today is a new day and this week.  That is the greatest thing about a new day.  You can always start over.  I really do want to do this so today we start again.

This week I have been working on my exercise routine...or should I say the lack of.  Along with the busy Christmas schedule and the changing weather, my daily walks became nonexistent some time this fall... With my HDL levels going down and my triglycerides going up, my annual cholesterol numbers are telling me to get back to work.  The doctors keep telling me that I need to get regular exercise...and I know that I do but it just seems as though I allow the busyness of the day to get in the way.  I need to find a way to make exercise a priority.  I need to just DO IT!  As Nike would say...

So with the new year I am trying to work on this change... at least 30 minutes every day.  If the weather is really crummy...I can do the elliptical down stairs...but I just have to do it!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Change Day One

This year it is time for change. It is way overdue! In our corporations, in our banking, in our financial systems, our economy, in our health care, in our government, in our small business, in our homes, our personal finances and in our lives. The time is NOW! While we are a very rich society, we have a lot that is broken. It needs to be fixed and it starts at the individual level with me and you.

At some point in the middle of the night last night, I awoke to this very thought...Even though I took my Lunesta, my thinking was very clear.  I need to change...I need to change one thing a day to transform my life.  Imagine the impact that it can have on my world....and if we all stepped up and embraced the commitment to positive change in our lives, imagine what it would do for rest of society! And you can do it too. Starting today commit to change one thing a day for the better.  Nothing big unless you want it to be.  See the difference in one week after seven changes, one month after 30 changes, next spring after a season of changes and next year at this time after a year of changes. 
So decide on and "make a change a day", just one! My day one change is this.. Look online for your Christmas newsletter from me. Coming soon to your email or through a link on Facebook or through one of my blogs. If you enjoy reading it every year you will take the time to find it digitally once you hear about this change. If you never liked getting it in the first place than I will no longer bother you with it. I will post versions of it online this week.

It is time for me to embrace change one step at a time. No killing trees in the rain forest for my Christmas newsletter. Mind you, I will still support my local mail carrier and his job. I will support my local Post Office and mail you a surprise if I have your address. The postage is really the most expensive part of all this but I want to do my share to support our postal system. I did support my local Sam's Club photo shop where I ensured the photo shop lady had her job for at least one more day! Joining the throngs of people today who have been saving money by buying a Photo Christmas card. I was amazed that I could get 100 Christmas Photo cards for 25.00!  Where have I been all these years..... I should have guessed it was affordable as the volume of photo greeting cards in my mailbox increased!  I have not learned all the in and outs of the system yet so it is not a perfect picture but change is coming to my house beginning today ! 

I will also be looking at my cards as I receive them and recording who I am getting them from. If you want a card next year, please send me one. I know than many of you still enjoy getting your Christmas card in the mail, AND so do I..... SO that will continue if that is what you want.  On the other hand, in the spirit of embracing change and saving money, if you want it electronically I can do that too, please let me know! I will note your preferred method of communication in my address spreadsheet for next  year 
Share your email with me if you want...lets connect on Facebook if you want!

Embracing change,


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